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Seed Act for a Fair Economy

A micro instrument designed as a mix of a Learning Platform for Alternative and Emergent Economies and a Grant and/or Mutual Credit to ignite regenerative initiatives.

Safe Life is a regenerative process to reactivate traditions, integrating ancient knowledge, inclusive for older generations while preserving and regenerating the environment.

Fostering the establishment of emergent economic iniciatives in rural areas or abandoned ones, increasing the growth of new opportunities of networking among other players.

Creating social value based on innovative ways to prototype new approaches to social and environmental problems, while delivering tangible outputs that enable a sustainable economy and eliminate resource scarcity.

Embracing new ways of organization in order to empower the communities where they act, as well as having in the horizon if scalability will bring and maintain the sustainability of the initiative.


The seed in its essence is all of the past evolution of the Earth, the evolution of human history, and the potential for future evolution. The seed is the embodiment of culture because culture shaped the seed with careful selection. That is a convergence of human intelligence and nature’s intelligence. It is the ultimate expression of life.

In planting a seed you are one with the cycles and regenerative capacity of life, this timeless memory of our oneness with the Earth and the creative universe.

Local Iniciatives for a Fair Economy

Seed Act for a Fair Economy

Semantic innovations like seed commons, peasant seeds and seed sovereignty are a powerful expression as we explore the surge of mobilizations the world over in response to processes of loss of agrobiodiversity.
For centuries, people in agrarian societies shared seeds to help each other subsist from year to year. Realizing this, food activists, garden enthusiasts and community leaders are trying to make it easier by making seeds available through community libraries.
Life is self-organized. Self-organized systems evolve in diversity. The self-organizing capacity of life is expressed in diversity. Diversity in all our multi dimensions.
This seed concepts provide us a sense of diversity, we can apply them to our common economy, and regenerate new systems of relations in a financial level among those who are looking for a consciente, ethical and regenerative economy .
Therefor SAFE - Seed Act for a Fair Economy - stands for the investments to regenerate our communities, our neighbourhood, our friends and for the next generations .


Seed Act for a Fair Economy
Humanize de economy

Local Investments for a Fair Economy

For most people, their experience of economic forces and their understanding of how they are affected by those forces is at a local level, whether that is a region, city or community. Our work on this theme aims to support the development of fair and healthy local economies, building on thinking and approaches that help local areas to create economic well-being and retain value in the community.
Our work at the local level will focus on testing and reviewing local or small-scale initiatives that support local economies through diversity, flexibility and building capability in communities.
As we strive for projects that can make a difference to the structural problems of the current economic system, it is in the local community where the everyday effects of the economy are experienced. Our local economies strand is therefore designed to create an avenue for community-level economic change to be supported.
Our aim for this part of the programme is to support a series of projects rooted in a local area that can fill a gap between micro community projects and systems change initiatives. We are looking for what is in between, something that derives its inspiration and learning from the very local but answers bigger questions about how our economy needs to change.

Humanize the economy

Local Investments for a Fair Economy
Financial Literacy

The economy is just a way to exchange something into an abundant planet ecosystem that embraces with care all living species. The human mentoring connection, and proximity where the we aim to act is a crucial factor that will have a strategic role in the implementation, development and evaluation of the impact, where transparency, mutual respect, human relation are the core values for an emergent economy . A place where a look into someone’s eyes is so important has a business plan, where intuition, trust and commitment are so important as the tangible generated value. A place where humans complement and empower the environment where they act.

Financial Literacy

Humanize the economy

Providing learning instruments and the facilitation of online learning instruments about financial literacy.

Ethical Banking
Social Currencies
Social and Solidarity Economy
Mutual Credit
Cooperative economies
Regenerative Economies
Digital Currencies


The fund will be composed by public and/or private investments/donations, and will applied in development of micro or small initiatives as a grant and/or mutual credit. We will endorse the necessary resources with partnerships outsourcing the necessary mechanisms to support a plural and diverse range of iniciatives .

Financial Literacy

3Q 2021

Partnerships and elearning platform
The first stage is to engage with partnerships to the development of the elearning platform


4Q 2021

Starting with the Courses and looking for funding
The first stage will forcus on the start of the courses online and developing action research for funding opportunities


1Q 2022

Opening for funding opportunities
Open Call for funding opportunities

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